Our Process

Every one of our candles is carefully curated and made with love by hand in our small studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

First we start with all-natural, 100% soy wax from the United States. Then we add our custom curated and hand-blended fragrances that are superior quality and phthalate-free. Each candle is prepped with a dual cotton wick that is free of heavy metals. We then hand-pour the melted wax and fragrance into each matte white candle vessel. The wicks are then centered by hand and the candles cure on our baking racks. Once cooled, each container is carefully looked over, tops smoothed over with heat, vessels wiped clean, and finally labeled by hand.

We pride ourselves in our small-batch process and guarantee that our candles are 100% handmade.  We work with suppliers to bring you a sustainable, safe, clean and beautiful candle that you can be proud to have in your home.